Back to School, I mean Work!

written by CHRC
8 · 24 · 17

There are many people that find it hard to get in a work groove during the summer; this can be even harder if you work remotely.   But the second that September comes along, there seems to be a “back to school” mentality that grabs everyone, even if they are not in school!

Here is a great piece we ran across about how remote workers can hunker down and be more productive, but they apply to lots of us!  I really like #11, the Fitbit reminders, so that I take my eyes off of the spreadsheet and go get a few steps in … and often this little walk is enough to help me solve that issue I’ve been turning over and over in my head.  One of my colleagues swears by #6, #8 is a non-starter with my allergies, and along the lines of #2, I just found some inspiring filing products made by Semikolon! Read More Here

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