A Career 180°?

08/11/2017 CHRC

A Career 180°?

It’s the end of the week, and perhaps you are sitting at your desk wondering, “What am I doing here?” or “I gotta do something different, but what?”

People jest about doing a 180, but before now, did you really know exactly what that would be? The Upshot section of the NYT has developed this nifty little tool; using the Labor Department’s records on the required tasks and skills for each job to determine what each job’s opposite would be. All you have to do is enter your current job to find your opposite job!

Examining your opposite job does have some benefits. The article mentions that “breaking a job into its component parts helps us look beyond the obvious and think clearly about the things that people actually do.” It’s interesting to see what skills are used most or least for each job. Surprisingly, there’s even some overlap in skills for seemingly dissimilar jobs.

So enter your job, or a dream job, in the little box, to perhaps think outside the box! Read More Here