San Fran Fed solves Wage Growth Clue: It’s Mrs. White, leaving the kitchen, using a knife

written by CHRC
8 · 30 · 17

Figuring out what’s been going on with wage growth has been one big game of Clue. Economists have been scratching their heads trying to solve the mystery. It seems that the San Francisco Fed has focused their magnifying glass on the right things and solved the Who Done It.

The issue is that Mrs. White (remember her?) and her other Baby Boomer friends are retiring. That knife of hers has sliced nearly a full percentage point off of the growth in median weekly earnings, from 5.2% to 4.2%, on an annual basis.

Retirees being replaced by less expensive workers isn’t new; it’s always happened. It is just so much more pronounced with approximately 10,000 or so Baby Boomers (The Silver Tsunami) daily exiting the work force. Read More Here and Here

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