Summer Reruns

08/05/2020 CHRC

Summer Reruns

Photo Credit: ©Jeremy Stenuit

For those of us old enough to remember when there were just three networks, summer TV meant reruns. If you had missed an episode, or had a favorite one, you didn’t mind reruns. 

In the case of our blog, we are rerunning one from January 22. We are not sure if you missed it or it was a favorite; but in retrospect, it is downright eerie. When I composed the first paragraph, it was merely an intro to an interesting article we had seen about how to make the workplace healthier and more immune from the common winter cold. We could not have imagined how life would change here in Chicago a mere seven weeks later. Now, walking around Chicago, I see more masks than I ever did when living in Tokyo.

In the early 1990s, I lived in Japan, and was taken aback the first few times I saw people get on the subway, and go about their daily business wearing surgical-type masks whenever they were sick. Over time, I started to realize what a smart practice this was. This time of year, I wish my fellow Americans would put medical masks on as they sneeze and cough spreading their germs all around. Read More Here