He’s Not Wasting his Shot, Again

written by CHRC
7 · 08 · 20

So last weekend, I was probably the only person I know who wasn’t ready with popcorn and our newly purchased Disney+ waiting anxiously for Hamilton to premiere. I don’t have every word memorized. Much to the dismay of my husband and daughter, I did at one point put on headphones to watch a Tik Tok during the viewing party (do I at least get points for knowing what Tik Tok is?). But for all of you Hamilton fans out there, I want you to know a few themes and a few lines have finally sunk in! 

That’s why when I came across this article yesterday, I thought, how timely. As we struggle as a country with rising COVID-19 numbers, and some are quick to blame other countries, it’s important to be reminded of the hard work immigrants have put in during these trying times. Much like in Hamilton, Peter Tsai, the man who invented the N95 mask, is “Non-Stop” finding ways to use, and RE-use, them to their full potential and continue to work for the safety of others in his adopted land. 

As we continue to find new ways to run businesses, care for our employees, and see our families during this pandemic, we can look to Peter as an example of how to take something we’ve already succeeded at—and know that we can always be improving it. When in doubt, remember, “Immigrants, we get the job done.” Read More Here

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