Fearless Female Entrepreneur

written by CHRC
7 · 19 · 18

Our third entry that draws inspiration from this year’s travels is a video from the BBC Idea’s Habits of the Highly Successful video series. I probably would have missed this video if I were in the US, but one of the many perks of traveling is being exposed to different new stories. In this three-minute video, “Why You Should Always Wear Trainers to Work,” Justine Roberts, founder of the website for parents, Mumsnet, shares four important tips to help you make the best of your career.

Roberts’ advice is a great reminder for daily lives and careers. One of her insights applies not only in the office, but especially when traveling. When talking about running your own business, Roberts says, “It’s almost impossible to fit in everything you want to,” and the same is true of travel. You have to be willing to appreciate the fact that nothing is perfect, and sometimes you have to be willing to “embrace the chaos” around you. Read More Here

p.s. her advice ties in with an article we shared about what do women wear in a casual work environment. Read More Here

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