Dressing Midge

written by CHRC
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Some of the most fun we have as compensation consultants is when a client says: “this is such an unusual job; you will never be able to price this job.”

What makes our job so interesting? Sleuthing to find such a unique set of skills to fulfill even the rarest roles. The minute I read this headline, I was intrigued not just because I love the costumes on this TV show, but because I immediately thought, “Where would you even find that person?” “What sort of background would they need?” “What knowledge, skills, and ability does a job like that require?” Once those questions are answered, then we can start finding matched roles and salaries. 

The beauty of this article? The interviewer did his job; he obviously asked all the right questions, because the article answers all the specifics required to dress Midge Maisel.

Perhaps we should see if this interviewer would like to become a compensation consultant? Read More Here

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