Patiently Potting

written by CHRC
4 · 22 · 20

During the world wars, people planted victory gardens for food, but also to boost morale. While quarantined in our homes, we are being forced to adapt to an uncomfortable reality: uncertainty. The age of the internet has conditioned us to instant answers and complete information; right now, it seems there is just plenty of instant incomplete information. Each day yields a new study with seemingly contradictory results. With so much uncertainty, we all keep trying to adjust our thinking. But how can we become more mentally resilient?  

Remember when we were in grade school, and we ventured into the scientific method via gardening skills by growing beans in small Styrofoam cups? Every day we would rush over to the windowsill, check on our beans, and watch for new signs of development. The beans sprouted unevenly, at their own pace, and there were one or two that never sprouted at all. We peeked constantly, never knowing when we’d see a change, but we trusted that it would happen.  

Today we wait for the sprouts of hope and conclusive information—which is testing our dedication to the scientific method. Let’s return to that hopeful grade school windowsill to work on coping with uncertainty and practicing our patience. Read More Here 

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