A Firm Plan for Flexibility

written by CHRC
4 · 15 · 20

During this time of Coronavirus, we’re all finding ourselves forced into spots we wouldn’t necessarily choose for ourselves. Given the option, many of us would rather exercise at the health club, work down the hall from our colleagues, and enjoy dinner out with friends.  However, when we’re given clear guidelines to steer our behavior, we adjust—yoga and a 7-minute workout at home, zoom meetings and excel spreadsheets at the dining room table, and baking extravaganzas at home. It takes forethought and planning, but for the most part, we’ve successfully adjusted our daily routines. (Or maybe you’ve discovered that without a plan, it all falls apart and the day ends feeling like an unproductive loss!)

This article, posted on the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance, reminds us that the same holds true in our work lives. We don’t know exactly what the future will hold, but by planning now, and putting some guidelines around Executive Compensation, you won’t need to end the year feeling like your incentive program was a loss. Read More Here

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