Fatherhood at its finest

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06/18/2020 CHRC

Fatherhood at its finest

Sixty years ago this fall, two television shows premiered on American screens that featured single fathers. In 1960, of course both fathers were created as widowers.

After you wrap your mind around the fact that Opie is now a senior citizen, it is interesting that American popular culture has had two lasting images of single dads who had to do the mothering and the fathering. Aunt Bee and Uncle Charlie were around for a lot of the after school snack banter, but whether you watched in prime time or reruns, the lingering memories are the heart-to-hearts that these dads had with their sons about life, death, girls, and becoming men.

It’s probably not surprising that one of those TV sons went on to be a pretty good father himself, as well as a prominent director. In turn, he produced another director who has a brand new film debuting: Dads.

This heartwarming interview from last Sunday seems to be a nice way to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all those folks out there who father in oh-so-many-ways. Watch it here