We offer something unusual: a fixed fee, half-day session to understand your needs.
We survey your landscape, ask lots of questions, and evaluate your business situation.

  • If we can help you fix the issues, we provide a proposal for next steps.
  • If you need a specialist with a different skill set, we will refer you.
  • If your company is healthy and managing well, we will tell you so.


When hired, we shepherd your flock with sensitivity and agility.

We serve

as a strategic partner, aligning to your business goals.

We probe

to understand what challenges your company… listening well to understand the underlying issues and opportunities.

We interview

to understand how you make money. If you tell us how you make money, we can tell you how to pay people.

We work hard

our team members are dogged in developing intelligent and constructive solutions to improve your business, delivering ideas that go beyond compensation.

We leave things better

We identify root cause to achieve lasting results and create flexible systems for easy adherence.

We teach

you the tools and train your team. We leave you with a solution you can use yourselves and are there for support.


“A satisfied customer is the best strategy of all.”

Michael LeBoeuf