what they say

We like to hear back from our customers to help us help you better. Here’s just a few:

Force multiplier

You don’t have a 5-10 year horizon. You have about 18 months. That means you have to make changes quickly. In the military there is a term called “force multiplier.” I see CHRC as a force multiplier.

Chief Administrative Officer

Diversified Manufacturing Firm

Relentless pursuit of the truth

As a lifelong compensation professional, I can’t say enough good things about working with Kate and her team. They torture the numbers until they confess.

Vice President Human Resources & Administration

Global Merchandiser of Commodities

Sounding board

CHRC is a great sounding board for general HR issues, helping the HR function to be a true business partner in the organization rather than just a service.

Change Management Consultant


CHRC’s approach is holistic. They interview, research background and provide strategic perspective in developing the best compensation solution.

Chief Human Resources Officer