what we do

We get you

We understand that firms with 100 to 1000 employees require the same level of HR expertise and insight as larger companies.

We go above and beyond

We dig deep, align to your business goals and serve as a strategic partner.

We enhance

We have been called a ‘force multiplier’ that compounds an organization’s investment in the project.

We pay dividends

Our goal is to maximize your human capital dollars so that you don’t over pay or under invest in how you reward your people.




“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

Winston Churchill



how we do it


We offer something unusual: a fixed fee, half-day session to understand your needs.
We survey your landscape, ask lots of questions, and evaluate your business situation.

  • If we can help you fix the issues, we provide a proposal for next steps.
  • If you need a specialist with a different skill set, we will refer you.
  • If your company is healthy and managing well, we will tell you so.


When hired, we shepherd your flock with sensitivity and agility.

We serve

as a strategic partner, aligning to your business goals.

We probe

to understand what challenges your company… listening well to understand the underlying issues and opportunities.

We interview

to understand how you make money. If you tell us how you make money, we can tell you how to pay people.

We work hard

our team members are dogged in developing intelligent and constructive solutions to improve your business, delivering ideas that go beyond compensation.

We leave things better

We identify root cause to achieve lasting results and create flexible systems for easy adherence.

We teach

you the tools and train your team. We leave you with a solution you can use yourselves and are there for support.


“A satisfied customer is the best strategy of all.”

Michael LeBoeuf

what we offer

Pay and reward plans

We design compensation solutions, but understand that even the best compensation system alone cannot motivate, nor manage, employees. CHRC develops reward programs that are designed after a sound foundation is built – a foundation that emphasizes your company’s culture, and those elements that make it successful. We help you identify the building blocks of that foundation and how best to lay them in place. Then, we construct the appropriate compensation system.

Experience and expertise

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.”


our team

Kate Evert

Founder of Commonwealth HR Consulting, Kate cultivated her professional expertise with Fortune 500 companies in global human resources, global compensation and benefits, and as a director of compensation and benefits.

Lisa Aggarwal

Lisa specializes in organizational development and effectiveness, business talent reviews, succession planning and professional coaching for for large employee bases of managers and executives.

Margaret Jungels

Margaret has experience managing compensation and incentive plans focusing on market analysis and strategies for salary structures. She consults on managing total benefits outsourcing and international acquisition.

Jenny Willcox

Jenny has experience in financial services and nonprofit organizations. She has established competitive compensation programs, aligned employee performance and business strategy, and redesigned corporate benefits.


eureka moments


numbers crunched


problems solved


emails sent



what they say

We like to hear back from our customers to help us help you better. Here’s just a few:

Force multiplier

You don’t have a 5-10 year horizon. You have about 18 months. That means you have to make changes quickly. In the military there is a term called “force multiplier.” I see CHRC as a force multiplier.

Chief Administrative Officer

Diversified Manufacturing Firm

Relentless pursuit of the truth

As a lifelong compensation professional, I can’t say enough good things about working with Kate and her team. They torture the numbers until they confess.

Vice President Human Resources & Administration

Global Merchandiser of Commodities

Sounding board

CHRC is a great sounding board for general HR issues, helping the HR function to be a true business partner in the organization rather than just a service.

Change Management Consultant


CHRC’s approach is holistic. They interview, research background and provide strategic perspective in developing the best compensation solution.

Chief Human Resources Officer

what we’ve done



and what we think about it.

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